The Scott Ranch

The venue for Shooting the West
Longview, Alberta

Standing in one of the spacious corrals at the Scott Ranch, you would almost believe you’ve stepped back in time and the Old West. Established by John Scott’s grandfather in 1904, the ranch, located in a private corner of the southern foothills of Alberta is a picture of an authentic working ranch.

Home to “Movie Wrangler to the Stars,” John Scott, and a handful of wranglers and ranch help, the quarters and land have been used to film many a western film, including Legends of the Fall, Days of Heaven, Shanhai Noon, and The Virginian. The ranch features it’s own frontier town – a former film set used in the Tom Selleck movie, Monty Walsh, and buildings full of props and western gear.

“Within 100 miles, you can make it look like five different states,” said Clint Eastwood, when describing the majestic beauty of the Alberta foothills. The ranch also features a herd of bison, longhorns and horses.