Shannon Lawlor

Nanton, Alberta

Participating in Drawn to the West Workshop

Shannon Lawlor is an equine and western artist who works from the experience of a horsewoman, translating her own history and what she sees. Equine art with swirling lines of unfurling mane; laying bare the resplendent muscle tone of a wither, or depth of soul behind one of her subject’s eyes. Her horse art moves beyond breed and discipline, with an appeal that is meant to inspire and enlighten the viewer.

Artwork by Shannon Lawlor hangs in the most authentic ranches of the Canadian West, as well as office towers, hotels and urban homes. Her vision resonates with viewers appreciative of the majesty of the horse, from all walks of life. It rings true with a chord of authenticity that appeals to modern discerning collectors. Interior designers often place Shannon’s passionate equine images in commercial and urban settings. Her work lends a cool and modern touch to any room. It gives pause, brings peace and elevates the soul.

In addition to numerous art world accolades, Shannon Lawlor is the 2017 Calgary Stampede poster artist, collaborator on the 2018 Calgary Stampede poster, was named to the Ducks Unlimited team of artists and is the 2018 Featured Artist at the California Heritage Days. Most recently she was named the Master Fine Artist for the upcoming 2020 Art of the Cowgirl in Phoenix, Arizona.

Her exclusive workshop for four fortunate participants will be held at her private studio in Nanton, Alberta.

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