Krista Lee Kay

Participating in Shoot the Wild West – Photography Workshop & Editing in Lightroom

Krista Lee Kay is an award-winning photographer who lives on a historic ranch in Cache Creek, B.C., with her two horses and her dog, Addison. Photography, horses and the West have been her passion since she was a little girl. Her work can best be described as mood-evoking, deep, vivid and inspiring. It stirs the emotions.

She travelled the world for several years, honing her artistic eye while under the guidance of her photographic mentors. Krista’s work is highly sought after and she is published in several North American magazines. Her commissioned work hangs in some of the most beautiful homes in Canada.

She offers only select group and private workshops and WOW Fest is proud to have her join us here in the foothills to shoot at the Scott Ranch.

(photo credit: Claudia Wieth)

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