Kate MacGregor

Participating in House of the West

Kate MacGregor is the President of XYC Design + Development – a company focused on architecture and real estate development projects in Calgary (YYC) and New York City (NYC).

As a fifth-generation Calgarian, Kate is intimately connected to her city, with a profound love for the Alberta foothills. Childhood weekends were spent at her Grandparents’ home near Ghost Lake, where she now escapes with her husband, Tyler, and their dog, Chocolate “Chip” Pancake, whenever work will allow.

After finishing a degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Calgary, Kate completed her Master of Architecture at Columbia University in New York City. Working at various architecture firms in both Calgary and Brooklyn, Kate’s resume includes projects at every scale, from sculptural installations to residences to landscape master plans.

Kate developed the concept for Carraig Ridge with her father, Ian MacGregor, in 2006. Having witnessed the exponential expansion of Calgary and Cochrane into the countryside during their lifetimes, the MacGregors wanted to help this corner of the province evolve in a thoughtful way. In 2007, they received initial approval of the concept of Transfer of Subdivision Density, a mechanism enabling the creation of a small rural community of 44 homes that would simultaneously protect thousands of acres of ranch land from further development via conservation easement.

In 2013, Kate founded XYC to tackle prominent but challenging sites that would intimidate any typical developer. Kate’s extensive experience within the technical, creative, and political aspects of architecture allows her to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to Real Estate Development in Calgary and the surrounding area. Kate successfully stewarded Carraig Ridge through the Subdivision Approval process in fall 2017, and she is now focused on construction of her first building in Calgary, called M2. Located at 632 Confluence Way SE, this 25,000 square foot, mixed-use project will bring an exciting design to life along the riverfront in East Village, one of Calgary’s oldest (and newest) neighbourhoods.