John Scott

Providing the venue for Shooting the West

Meet the man who taught Brad Pitt how to ride.

The story goes something like this: Stuntman Joe Dodds was working on a film near Champion, Alberta, when the director happened to mention he had a decent western script tucked away. Dodds suggested he speak with his friend, John Scott, who could likely help him with the picture. Nearly a decade later, the panoramic pleasure Legends of the Fall premiered, bringing the jaw-dropping majesty of the Alberta wilderness and ranchlands to the big screen.

Starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins, the film is but one of four Academy-winning films Longview, Alberta, rancher and head wrangler, John Scott has helped bring to fruition. Utilizing his experience in roles such as stunt co-ordinator and performer, head wrangler, animal wrangler and location scout, the head of John Scott Motion Picture Animal Productions has worked in the film industry for over 40 years. Lately he has worked on the Oscar winning epic, The Revenant, as well as Night at the Museum 3, Diablo, Hell on Wheels and Heartland.

Established by Scott’s grandfather, William Bews in 1904, and located in the picturesque ranching foothills of the Canadian Rockies, the Scott Ranch is carefully preserved as a working ranch and Scott’s pride of his three-generation ranching blood is deeply engrained and evident in all of his work.