Mastering The Loop

Friday May 31st – 5:30 – 8:00 pm
Calgary, Alberta

One of the remarkable differentiating factors between a gunsel and an authentic westerner is one’s ability to throw a rope. Young Mattie in True Grit knew it. The First Lady of the Calgary Stampede Floris LaDue certainly knew it and John Wayne veritably lived by it.

Whoever you idolize in the Old West, you can almost be sure he or she knew how to throw a rope. Whether you’ve thought of it as a lariat, a lasso, or simply a rope, if you’ve dreamed of knowing how to throw one, this is the workshop for you.

The setting is as modern West as it gets, at the home of Calgary’s iconic hat shop, Smithbilt Hats. Our roping guides, Riley Harvie, Dusty Wigemy, Gongshow Prescott and Chelsea Cunningham will walk you through the introductory stages where you will learn how to manipulate the basic flat loop to do tricks and fancy roping loops.

The skills and tricks you will learn at this workshop are great for practical details like building hand-eye coordination and wrist dexterity, but let’s be honest – the real payoff will be when you have the ultimate party maneuver to awe and amaze your friends and family.

What’s better than a brew after a night spent working on your rope technique? Trust us, beer and roping just go together and often lead to all manner of trippy accomplishments. After the lesson, pop in to say hi to our friends at Cold Garden Beverage Company, an Inglewood-based brewery with a love of Inglewood and a casual and eclectic vibe. It’s the perfect saloon to finish off the evening. And, you’ll get to keep your own 64-ounce growler branded with event logo. (We’re also bringing in some snacks, but you might want to prop up with dinner beforehand.)
So there you have it, an evening of instruction, a festive atmosphere, an event growler to keep, and a quality new straw hat – fitted just for you.
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