Eau Claire Distillery

The venue for From Farm To Glass
Turner Valley, Alberta

Eau Claire Distillery is imbedded in the West. The distillery calls the small hamlet of Turner Valley, Alberta home. Located just 35 minutes southwest of Calgary on the historic Cowboy Trail, the location was chosen for it’s duality. Turner Valley has a checkered and illustrious past from the prohibition era and speaks to the Wild West aspect of the spirits business.

Today, Turner Valley is the perfect location given it’s proximity to Eau Claire Distillery’s main ingredients – grains harvested by traditional horse farming methods and water from fresh Rocky Mountain springs.

Eau Claire Distillery believes in a ‘grain-to-glass’ experience, with farm-fresh ingredients and historic hand-crafted methods defining their artisanal spirits. Each spirit is crafted in small batched with the unique attributes of the terroir and the singular touch of a masterful distiller.

Finally, Eau Claire Distillery’s priority is local and their ingenuity sets them apart – using ancient techniques and modern creativity to produce their unique and premium distilled products.

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