Cody & Sioux

Venue for The School of Leather & The Feather Board
The Modern West
Calgary, Alberta

Cody & Sioux is a destination shop featuring the cutting edge of mainstream Modern West clothing well as a curated selection of artist and artisan work. The three elements of western design: silver, leather and turquoise are a focal point of the store, and represented in our clothing lines – both men and women’s and home accessories. In addition, you’ll find a selection of the most unique furniture pieces of North American, all with a western flair, bookending our clothing and accessories lines. We advocate and go to bat for items that are well-crafted, timeless and have an enduring sense of West, in their craftsmanship, design and material. It’s highly modern but appreciative of our western heritage, and laced with Native American influences.

Our unique boutique is in the heart of Inglewood, Calgary – a neighbourhood which fittingly bears the distinction of being “cow town’s” oldest, having been established as Fort Calgary in 1875. Today it is a shopping, arts and music mecca, and in 2014, it was named Canada’s greatest neighbourhood.

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